Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a Grad Student

When you are a Grad student it is assumed that when you shut your eyes for a minute it is because you are re-thinking the thought.

That when you stare into the distance, you are pondering over something deep.

That when you are gazing into your laptop, you are considering a problem and when you are furiously typing away? You are storing away each word spoken in class.

It is believed that when you are discussing something with the guy next to you, it is worthy of disturbing the quiet in the class.

That when you turn to look at someone talking, you are not checking them out.

When you are an under-grad student, it is assumed that you are sleeping, not focusing, lazing, chatting online, emailing, gossiping or checking someone out.

I am a Grad Student.


Ashwin said...

I couldn't help but read your post in the middle of a lab presentation and I must say that it..... (snore)

10 mins later later: Oh sorry I dozed off.

20 mins later: I had to email someone but he came online. What was I saying?

30 mins later: Don't know why I'm so lazy today. Can't focus on the class and this comment.


Ashwin said...

Checking someone out?? ;)

sillysneha said...

ashwin uncle u r an ass!! *wink*