Monday, January 22, 2007

Five years later...

Do you wonder how lives move on??
Do you miss those times we spent together??

Its a dusk I'll never forget..
I questioned, You dint answer
I provoked you to reveal your intentions,
You dint let go till the end..

I abused, you agreed,
I kept enticing you, maybe you'd say what I wanted to hear
You kept quiet, took the blames.

It could have meant that you pleaded guilty
It could have meant that you were defenseless
It could have meant that you did not need to give excuses
It could have meant that I was senseless

Its a ride I will never forget..
I knew I'd never see you again
You were already etched in my mind,
Yet I etched you all over again

You knew you would never touch me again
You had already touched my life,
You touched it all over again..

It could have meant that I finally knew the truth
It could have meant that you were sorry
It could have meant that I was still giving you a chance
It could have meant that it was the real end of the story

Its a night I will never forget..
Alone in the wide expanse of my house
Alone devoid of the love I'd known so long
Alone, rid of the farce that I had known as truth

It meant that what had changed my life,
had itself been an illusion
It meant that what had become my truth,
had never been the true.

Do you wonder if I still dream on??
Do you remember our sacred five year promise for a forever??


J said...

I hope some day all ur questions are answered. I hope the 5 yr is remembered. My friend I hope and wish the best is in store for you.

Anonymous said...

Pragni - This is so wonderfully well written. Really enjoyed reading this. Quite eerie that I can actually empathize!! :)
(When are your 5 years going to end?)

pragni~dreamcatcher~ said...

j-questions are like an unending quest, the ones that are answered will subsude to give birth to new ones..

Jimit and j - Five years, everyone has their five years, its not necessarily five, but just this waiting time which everyone has to go thru...mine.. as the heading says, have reached the final corner..

J said...

Yes, questions will not end and that is life. And then we use our best judgement to learn n grow from it. We become mature n live more in reality. And time helps in it.
If u read I never asked whn ur 5 yr is ending. I always knew it.

Aniruddha said...

pragni, very well written and very very meaningful .. this mystery, these memories - this is 'true' life ! cherishing it is the best way to live it !

'nonnymus said...

I wonder y you wonder!!!

Pragni said...


ani- had been thinking of mailing you.. ur My Thoughts page is not opening.. also are you gonna attend the blogger's meet??
Thanks but, do you really think its the best way to live life?? lol, I'm still searching for the better side aspect of life in every dimension!!

'nonnymous sir - I hope you dont mind my calling you that, coz i have this basic instinct in me to address people who are elderly and wise with respect.
And it is slightly normal to wonder, and my brain, very rarely takes on any form of normalcy so i welcome the wondering..

'nonnymus said...

lol, i dont mind at all maa'm, give me all the respect u wish to, with pleasure... glad u think i deserve it!! as for ur mind being not-so-normal, well thats precisely the reason i read ur blog!!

Aniruddha said...

Thanks for pointing that one out .. I had an extra '/' in the link out there .. please try again ..

about your post, Its best to look at the good things in the life rather than cribbing about the long wait for the things you expect to happen .. It will help you to go on longer and keep you motivated. what say ?

Aniruddha said...

btw, when & where is the blogger's meet ?

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Ani- You can move on only if you stop cribbing, this post was not meant as a whiner.. does it come across as one?? But everyone always waits for the right thigns to happen no??Like a better job, a better pay, a better home, a better girl friend or even a better life?? Motivation, according to me come from wanting a better life.. always..

the bloggers meet is in Bandra.. on feb 3.. a restaurant called soul fry at 8. Its on Pali Mala Road. I'm still not sure about attending it though.. its an open blogger's meet.. anyone at all can come along..

Aniruddha said...

well feb 3rd is not possible for me .. I am flying back to US on 30th ..

and yes I agree that wanting more is motivation in life but you need a good balance of that and not only that !

Pragni~The Dream Catcher~ said...

Ani- :( too bad.. `maybe next time then...

The balance is a individual perception i think...