Friday, June 02, 2006

Rain and what it does to me..

Rain.. rain completes me. It erases that feeling of emptiness that nothing else can erase. When rain drops drench me completely.. it feels satisfying, as if, for once I have found exactly what I need to find in my life.

Like I'm gonna be right here all my life.. even if I am not here, not in Mumbai.

Rains and the combination of the stormy choppy sea brings flashes of past event in front of my eyes. The sea mist envelopes the entire atmosphere and fogs the mind and everything around. It muddles the mind and makes me yearn for more, want to reach out for more, go somewhere where I can be something more.

Riding fast on a bike in the rain, brings back all the pain one has ever been thru in life and the wind and rain drops whipping by feel as if that pain is being wrenched out of my soul.
The smacking whip of wind on my face, the lightness of heart and heaviness of wet clothes feels like its going past all the facades put up by my ego, my attitude and it strips my soul to its bare minimum.

Rain exposes the vulnerable and protects it.
Rain loves the lovers and makes them too.
Rain hurts the innocent and the guilty too.

After so much, maybe rain has a life, a soul too??

Its raining..


Selma Mirza said...

Pragni, I'm linking this to my blog. Its too well written not to link :-)

I hope you are and always will be happy, wherever you may be.

Aniruddha said...

Hey Pragni ! very well written post ... really nice !


dahcik said...

heh...awesome. never thought I would find such an interesting post on a topic, that I had previously considered boring (no offense)